Toy Safety is Very Important

Bonnie Academy is a preschool and kindergarten. Serving children between the ages of 18 month to 6 years old.

Characteristics of our Program:
1. Age Appropriate Classroom
2. Use of Developmental Approach
3. Home Like Environment
4. Caring and Energetic Teachers
5. Science and Mathematics
6. Reading
7. Computers
8. Music and Art
9. Large Shaded Playground

We teach children a three-step problem solving technique in order for them to settle disagreements amongst themselves. We believe an adult is necessary as a facilitator to help children solve their own problems not as the problem solver. If children feel competent in coping with their environment at an early age, they gain the confidence necessary for coping at a later stage.
Phonics: Children are introduced to the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. Due to sounds heard in everyday speech, phonetic sounds are taught before the names of the alphabet. This process has proven to be an important element in learning how to read. Phonics is taught through individual and group lessons using both letters and sounds.