Bonnie Academy Graduation 2024

Bonnie Academy held its Kindergarten and Preschool graduation ceremony on June 14, 2024. The event was a huge success, a testament to our graduating students’ hard work and dedication. The school was full of laughter, singing, joy, and tears. Parents, congratulations on working with your children to help them succeed and move to the next level of their education.

June Event Calendar

The month of June at Bonnie Academy is brimming with exciting events! From special parent luncheons to preschool and kindergarten graduations, we’re celebrating the end of the academic year and the start of our action-packed summer camp.

Summer Camp is Around the Corner

Bonnie Academy is a childcare center located in Glendale, Ca. The school has been serving Glendale and the surrounding communities since the 1960s. Join us for summer camp.

Bonnie Academy is the Best Childcare Center

Are you looking for a childcare center that offers more than just babysitting services? Bonnie Academy in Glendale, CA is the answer to your search! Our preschool and kindergarten programs are designed to provide a stimulating and enriching environment where your child can learn and grow while having fun. We have a wide range of activities, including hands-on art and music classes, exciting science experiments, and outdoor nature activities, all aimed at inspiring your child’s creativity and curiosity. With over 60 years of experience, Bonnie Academy has been helping children achieve higher class rankings and academic excellence in Glendale and surrounding areas. Don’t wait any longer, give your child the gift of a well-rounded education by signing up today!

Spring Planting Week

Bonnie Academy has been recognized as the top childcare center in Glendale, CA. The school has been serving Glendale and the surrounding communities since the 1960s.

Santa visited Bonnie Academy

That’s a wonderful mission statement! Nurturing the whole child through a balanced educational and developmental approach is crucial for fostering well-rounded, confident individuals. I commend Bonnie Academy’s commitment to creating a physically safe and emotionally secure setting where children can learn and grow through exploration and experimentation.