Santa visited Bonnie Academy

That’s a wonderful mission statement! Nurturing the whole child through a balanced educational and developmental approach is crucial for fostering well-rounded, confident individuals. I commend Bonnie Academy’s commitment to creating a physically safe and emotionally secure setting where children can learn and grow through exploration and experimentation.

Santa’s Visit to Bonnie Academy

Bonnie Academy is a childcare center located in Glendale, Ca. The school has been serving Glendale and the surrounding communities since the 1960s.

Looking for a quality childcare center in Glendale? Look no further than Bonnie Academy! Our school has been serving the community since the 1960s and we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your children. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see why Bonnie Academy is the perfect choice for your family!

Hello Winter from Bonnie Academy

We have blinked and winter is here. We are getting ready to say goodbye to the year 2023 and welcome 2024. The Bonnie Academy staff and administration have some information for the winter calendar.

Bonnie Academy childcare center Halloween Parade and party

Childcare Halloween Parade at Bonnie Academy

Bonnie Academy is a child care center located in Glendale, CA. The school has been serving Glendale and the surrounding communities since the 1960’s. The school is a family owned and relies on word of month advertising.

Cultural Awareness in Bonnie Academy

Bonnie Academy, we provide the following Preschool- and Kindergarten-Age Benefits:
Cultural Awareness: Children in preschool interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, promoting cultural understanding and tolerance.

Bonnie Academy Parents Get Recognized

One of Bonnie Academy dads @u.s.electricforce was awarded by @glendalefire today for his heroic act of saving his wife and children from a house fire that occurred on January 8th, 2023. At Bonnie Academy we are grateful to the City of Glendale Fire Department for their service and thankful for recognizing the heroes of our community. #glendale #glendalechildcare #glendalepreschool

Lunch Time with Parents at Bonnie Academy

Today, the students and parents at Bonnie Academy had lunch together.  They all colored pumpkins and had a great time.  The parents got to meet the teachers and the students got to know their parents a little better.  It was a great time for everyone. The Bonnie Academy Childcare Center team understands that one of Read more about Lunch Time with Parents at Bonnie Academy[…]