Here at Bonnie Academy

At Bonnie Academy, we provide the following Preschool- and Kindergarten-Age Benefits: A friendly environment for child growth to get a child to learn, the environment around it must be friendly and he/she must be completely comfortable in it. Preschool education creates the perfect environment for them to feel right at home without them being in one. Their teaching staff specializes in dealing with young children. They understand how sensitive they are and how much attention they require. They converse and interact with them constantly to create a home-like environment that is both friendly and promotes learning.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
    • Preschool education introduces young children to a broad range of learning opportunities. They are presented with activities that tap into their natural curiosity and creativity. In a developmentally appropriate curriculum, teachers present material in ways that suit the individual learning styles of each student. This allows each child to reach their full potential.
  • Personalized Attention
  • In a preschool classroom, each student receives personalized attention from the teacher. The class size is usually small so the teacher can ensure that each student is getting the attention they need. This helps the child feel important and valued. It also allows the teacher to get to know each student and understand their unique needs.
  • Physical Activity
    • Preschool provides many opportunities for children to engage in physical activity. This is important for their physical development and helps to keep them healthy and active. In a preschool setting, children have time to run around, play games, and participate in sports activities. This helps them to stay physically active and lets them have fun while they learn.
  • Social Interaction
    • Preschool is a time when children start to learn about social interaction. They learn how to get along with others, share, and take turns. They also learn how to communicate with others and resolve conflicts. This prepares them for later life when they must interact with people of all ages.

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