Patriotic Week at Bonnie Academy

Preschoolers at Bonnie Academy celebrated Patriotic Week by doing tie-dye tee-shirt art, learning about the fourth of July, and eating American-themed food.

The students had a great time creating tie-dye art with red, white, and blue paint.  They were able to express their patriotism by using these colors.

Later in the week, the students learned about the history of the fourth of July.  They learned about the Declaration of Independence and how America became a free country.  They also learned about the symbols of the United States.

To finish off the week, the students enjoyed American-themed food.  They had watermelon, and ice cream and learned about other American traditions.

Patriotic Week was a great success at Bonnie Academy. The students learned a lot about patriotism and enjoyed the activities that were planned. The week ended with a wonderful celebration assembly.

Please enjoy photos from Patriotic Week:

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