Bonnie Academy 2022/2023 Academic School Calendar

August/September 2022:

August 22, 2022— Academic program begins (2022-2023)

September 5, 2022— Labor Day Holiday (School Closed)

September 6-9, 2022— Assessment Week

September 15, 2022— Back-to-school night

October 2022:

October 6, 2022—Fall Picture Day

October 12, 2022—Lunch with parents (Ms. Marie’s class 11:00a.m. – 11:45a.m.)

October 13, 2022—Lunch with patents (Ms. Christina’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

October 18, 2022—Lunch with parents (Ms. Vikky & Ms. Romella’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

October 31, 2022— Halloween Parade and Party! (No adult admission)

November 2022:

November 7-11, 2022— Parent/Teacher Conference week (Ms. Marie)

November 11, 2022—Veteran’s Day Holiday (School closed)

November 14-17, 2022— Parent/Teacher Conference week (Ms. Christina)

November 23, 2022- Thanksgiving Celebration

November 24 & 25, 2022— Thanksgiving Holiday (School Closed)

November 29, 2022—Kindergarten Nature walk @ Freemont park (Ms. Marie)

December 2022:

December 1, 2022—Pre-K Nature Walk @Freemont park (Ms. Christina)

December 16, 2022—Visit from Santa @ 10:00am

December 26, 2022—Christmas Holiday (School Closed)

December Parent Night Out (TBA)

January 2023:

January 2nd, 2023— New Year’s Day (School Closed)

January 16, 2023—Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday (School Closed)

January 19, 2023—Lunch with parents (Ms. Marie’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

January 20, 2023—Lunch with parents (Ms. Christina’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

January 26, 2023—Lunch with parents (Ms. Ms. Vikky & Ms. Romella’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

February 2023:

February 14, 2023—Valentine’s Day Celebration

February 20, 2023— President’s day (School Closed)

February Parent night out (TBA)

March 2023:

March 2nd, 2023- Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

March 6th-10th, 2023-Spring Planting Week

March 12, 2023—Daylight Saving Time

March 17th, 2023-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration/Contest

March 24th, 2023-Parent Appreciation Day

April 2023:

April 3rd -7th, 2023—Cap/Gown Orders (Preschool and Kindergarten)

April 5th, 2023—Easter Egg Hunt

April 6th, 2023— Easter Egg Coloring

April 7th, 2023— Good Friday school closes @ 12:00 p.m.

April 21st, 2023—Earth Day Celebration

May 2023:

May 5th, 2023—Cinco De Mayo Celebration

May 1st-5th, 2023—-Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10th, 2023—Lunch with Mom (Ms. Marie’s class 11:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.)

May 11th, 2023—Lunch with Mom (Ms. Christina’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

May 12th, 2023—Lunch with Mom (Ms. Vikky & Ms. Romella’s Class 11:00a.m.-11-45a.m.)

May 2023— Picture Day (TBA)

May 15th -19th, 2023— Multicultural Week

May 29th, 2023— Memorial Day School Closed

JUNE, 2023:

June 13, 2023—Lunch with Dad (Ms. Marie’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

June 14, 2023—Lunch with Dad (Ms. Christina’s class 11:00a.m.-11:45a.m.)

June 15, 2023—Lunch with Dad (Ms. Vikky and Ms. Romella’s Class 11:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.)

June 22, 2023—Ice Cream Party (Any donations will be greatly


June 22, 2023—Summer Camp fee is due. (Last day to reserve a


June 23, 2023—Graduation Commencement Ceremony @ 9:30a.m. – 10:15a.m. Kindergarten class (Ms. Marie)

June 23, 2023— Graduation Commencement Ceremony @

10:45a.m. – 11:30a.m. Preschool class (Ms. Christina)

June 23, 2023—Last Day of 2022-2023 Academic school year.

June 26, 2023—First Day of Summer Camp.

July/August 2023:

The Summer Camp calendar will be posted

Please note that the scheduled dates are subject to change. You will be notified in advance.
Thank you,

Bonnie Academy Administration

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