Becoming Global Leaders

Children in preschool gain firsthand exposure to other cultures. In the safety of the preschool setting, they most encounter children and teachers from backgrounds different from their own. They learn to accept and appreciate people in a way that helps children become global leaders. In addition to meeting people who might look different than their family, children learn from preschool materials that introduce them to the world at large. Preschool classrooms celebrate diversity by including globes, maps, and even cultural art in their media. So, you might be asking, “Why does that matter?” Today, more than ever, the world seems to be “shrinking.” The internet closes the gap between continents and allows us to collaborate and conduct business across the globe with just a few clicks. Moving into the future, high-paying, high-tech jobs will increase demand over the next few decades. High-tech workers will collaborate from around the globe. The ability to work together without prejudice, fear, or judgment will become a necessary job skill. Does it not make sense to expose your children to those cultures and spark a curiosity about the world at large from infancy?. #preschool#glendaledaycare#burbankpreschool#glendaleschool#burbankschool#glendalekindergarten#burbankkindergarten#childcare#childcarecenter#teachingchildren#kidkare#covidsafe#covidsafeschool#safeschool#education#glendalepreschool

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