Bonnie Academy Offers Schooling Solution

Due to the local schools being closed, many parents are confused about what to do for their child’s education.  Online learning is what many school districts are offering.  How effective is this system going to be?  The average student, between the ages of 4 to 10 years of age, has an attention span of 20 minutes in a classroom setting.  Unfortunately, the number becomes smaller when the student is in an online classroom.  Adult supervision is non-existent and the child’s attention span is completely gone.  Learning becomes a big challenge.

Bonnie Academy is aware of these challenges.  We are here to help our students, alumni, and community.  We are offering to help those families and students with their new challenges of schooling.  We are ready to serve those who will be taking classes online (e.g. zoom).  With our academics, we can also help tutor and incorporate with your child’s schooling work.  Bonnie Academy’s academic year starts on August 24, 2020.  Our program offers full academics for Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten students.  We pride ourselves on the success of our students.  We are committed to serving our students and families. 

Due to high demand from the community, we have modified our program to assist children that are enrolled in a public or other private school for fall, but due to COVID 19  will not be returning to in-person learning.  Bonnie Academy will provide appropriate space and staff to assist children enrolled in these programs.  For further information please contact our office.  

Spaces are limited, so please act now.  For more information, please contact us at (818) 244 3241 or via email at

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